Commercial Open Source ERP for the Enterprise

xTuple ERP Editions

Global 1000 companies power their businesses with xTuple

The commercially-licensed editions of xTuple are designed for enterprises with larger-scale distribution and manufacturing operations.

xTuple Distribution and Manufacturing Editions include advanced functionality for larger companies with more complex operations, as well as companies of any size who want or require a commercial license. Customers and partners still have full access to the source code of the commercial Editions, and enhancements made to any of the Editions of xTuple are handled through the same community development and managed release process.

Anyone can get started with the free and open source xTuple PostBooks® Edition – and thousands of companies are running their business on PostBooks® every day.

How do you know when it's time to move from PostBooks® to one of our commercially-licensed products? Have a look at this comparison of the Editions. If your business runs multiple warehouses or factories, if you are looking for the ERP system to plan purchasing, distribution and manufacturing, or have detailed lot, serial or location control requirements, then one of our commercial solutions is probably best for you.

Warehousing and Distribution

The Distribution Edition of xTuple is a fully-integrated end-to-end software system for companies with more sophisticated inventory control needs. It contains everything in the open source PostBooks® Edition, plus additional enterprise-class functionality specifically for distributors and light manufacturers, such as advanced returns management, batch processing of emailed documents, multi-warehouse control, sophisticated lot/serial tracking and tracing and other features.


The Manufacturing Edition of xTuple contains everything in the PostBooks® Edition, plus additional enterprise-class functionality specifically for manufacturers.

xTuple's roots in manufacturing run deep. The product, and the company, all started with OpenMFG (now called Manufacturing Edition), our original award-winning ERP suite first released in 2002. Today, the Manufacturing Edition of xTuple ERP is our premium commercial offering, recommended for manufacturing companies in both discrete and batch process production; make to order, make to stock, or mixed-mode – even job shops, contract manufacturers and engineer-to-order.

Our Manufacturing Edition software is currently deployed in a wide variety of successful customer manufacturing situations, including food production, piston manufacturing, industrial pumps, specialty garments and many others, some of which are profiled in our case studies.

Professional Services

Companies who are primarily in the business of providing services will find a lot to like with xTuple. In addition to the core accounting functionality, all Editions of xTuple feature fully-integrated CRM – Corporate Relationship Management – which includes Customers, Partners, Vendors and any other kind of corporate entities with whom a company might have relationships.

A key component of CRM is Project Management. Projects can be attached to various types of transactions in xTuple, including Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Work Orders. Projects are made up of individual Tasks, each of which can have a budgeted amount of Time and Expense. Users can enter Time and Expense in a sheet format, and those entries will be automatically associated with the appropriate Project and Task.

The Time and Expense package, used by xTuple itself and all its partner companies who provide professional services, adds manager approval, customer invoicing of approved time and expense – including optional consolidation across multiple sheets – and vouchering of expenses incurred on projects by employees and contractors.

For more information on xTuple for Professional Services companies, please contact xTuple Sales.