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Meet xTuple: Changing the Way Distributors View ERP Software

Let's face it. Most business software vendors don't listen. Over-priced products, bad service, unstable management. Need we say more?  

At xTuple, we think Distributors deserve better.

xTuple is new and different:  An affordable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, focused on customer service, that meets the needs of distributors of all sizes. xTuple's mission is to improve your profitability with enterprise-class business management software that gives growing companies control over operations and the tools to power that growth.

In addition to features distributors would expect from a full distribution software system, xTuple includes:

  • Fully-integrated CRM for tracking Customers and Vendors
  • Powerful Sales Order/Quote Entry and Purchasing
  • Automatic price updates from Trade Service
  • Interface to the Trade Service Non-Stock Catalog
  • Inventory Management and Project Management tools
  • Web Portal for business-to-business (B2B) sales and customer service
  • Automated connections between your xTuple ERP and other software systems
  • Documents emailing (Invoices, Statements, Purchase Orders, etc.)
  • Full electronic data interchange (EDI) capability

Rick MurchakeLearn more about xTuple Solutions for Distribution. Contact us to schedule an overview and demonstration of xTuple to take a closer look at our game-changer in Distribution Software. Contact Rick Murchake or Call: +1 757-461-3022, extension 139

Grow Your World with xTuple - next generation business management software

xTuple, the global leader in commercial open source business management software for growing companies, provides enterprise-class technology products and services at an affordable cost, the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any ERP system on the market.