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A key technology of xTuple business management software is the world's most advanced open source database PostgreSQL (pronounced "Postgres S-Q-L" or "Postgres" for short). Postgres is developed and maintained by a global community of talented programmers and database professionals. It is, in our opinion, one of the leading examples of the power of open source software development.

world's most advanced open source database PostgreSQL

Because the program is a database, which typically serves as the guardian of mission-critical business information, the Postgres commmunity is meticulous about code quality and data integrity. Enhancements to Postgres must withstand rigorous peer review, and critical bug fixes are typically "back-patched" to the past several releases of the product – a commitment to quality and security that exceeds that of many commercial vendors.


xTuple ERP makes heavy use of Postgres' embedded procedural language, called PL/PGSQL. Whenever any kind of transaction is taking place in the system – a financial account being credited or debited, a piece of inventory being moved, or an order being taken – that is happening in a Postgres stored procedure, trigger, or function.

Among the benefits of this approach is that it is relatively easy for other client software besides the xTuple ERP graphical client to access business functionality. xTuple partners and customers have developed various alternative interfaces to access the Postgres backend database, including Web portals, wireless devices, and desktop office productivity software.

We are also well-versed in advanced Postgres solutions such as replication from a production database to a live backup or failover system, tuning and optimizing of a Postgres database. For those new to Postgres, we offer installation, configuration, and upgrades of your Postgres database, as well as xTuple servers (with any Edition of xTuple ERP database installed and preconfigured) that can function as appliances, in either a tower or rackmounted form. We even offer production support for your internally-developed Postgres solutions.

xTuple is proud to be a longstanding member of the Postgres community, and you can be confident that our global network of Postgres experts can support anything from the first-time user to the most demanding professional database environment.

Please contact us with details on what you're looking for, or consult our pricing page for a complete list of our products and services.

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