What about local VARs and solution providers? Where do they fit into all of this?

Simple answer: they are more important than ever. There is a temptation with free software to think that you can do it all yourself - download, install, and have the business up and running on the new software before you know it. It's easy, right? Just read the documentation, follow the basic steps, and presto! That sound you're hearing is the gnashing of teeth by experienced ERP professionals around the world. You may be aware of the widely-publicized statistic that over 80% of ERP implementation projects - in companies of all sizes - fail, and often spectacularly.

We're software people with what we believe is a pretty strong product, so we like to believe that software choice has a lot to do with it. And it's certainly a significant piece of the puzzle; despite everything we say about rising commoditization of software, not all ERPs are created equal. And many get worse over time!

But the simple fact of the matter is that the human component of an ERP implementation is by far the most important. By that, we mean developing and following a firm project plan, with strong buy-in from management, and strong leadership of the overall project effort. Business process assessment, data migration and entry, configuration and setup of hundreds of details that supports the observed and desired business processes... these are the kind of things that xTuple business partners have been doing for decades.

Whether you're considering PostBooks or one of the commercial Editions of xTuple ERP, we'll work with our partners to put together the right combination of resources that fits your goals, and your budget.