The xTupler #6 (June 2009)

xTuple app store launches

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The xTupler #6 Open Source ERP News
  June 2009
These days, it's not enough to offer an open source product; the magic comes from providing an open source platform. It's got to be possible for users to customize and extend the product.

We get that. Over a year ago we added full support for scripting to xTuple ERP to enable users to write modifications without the overhead of changing core code. In January we even embedded the scripting tools directly into the application. Giving out tools to modify the software, however, was only the first step. To really promote xTuple ERP as a platform we needed an effective place to distribute third-party apps, and a way to let developers profit from them.

So, this week, we launched our own "app store." We're calling it xChange, "The marketplace for xTuple ERP." It's our way of helping our community of users, developers and partners participate in the economic ecosystem of xTuple ERP.

For more details, you can read the official xChange press release. To view the products on offer, browse the xChange catalog which includes extension packages such as the Point of Sale package, a retail front-end to xTuple. PostBooks users now also have the opportunity to purchase the Batch Manager, a key component of our commercial software editions, for much less than the cost of the commercial license. Both of these come directly from xTuple and there's more on the way from us, soon. There are third-party apps as well, such as the Yellow Dog Wireless Solution. We hope to see even more apps from the community.

That's where you come in. Hopefully you've been thinking about this since we first teased the xChange last Fall. If you've got a script that customizes xTuple, extends the functionality, or even reduces it (see Simple Sales Order), you can submit your app for inclusion in the xChange. It's up to you whether you want to give it away or charge a fee. See our Seller Terms for more information.

The real magic will to come from whatever you bring to the xChange. It's the stuff we couldn't have anticipated that's going to accelerate the development of the software and drive it in new directions. We're excited to see what you come up with. We'll highlight new apps and extensions on the websites and here in the xTupler, so stay tuned!

Best regards,
BC Wilson
Director of Internet Communications
3.2.2 Release
New installers!

A few weeks ago we announced that the long-awaited all-in-one installers for xTuple ERP: PostBooks Edition, developed in partnership with our friends at Bitrock, are now available for download from Sourceforge.

There are installers for Windows, Mac OS X (Intel and PPC), and for the first time, an integrated installer for Linux as well. (Yes, we know you really want to build from source, but think about the newbies!) Here's the complete list of platforms.

The installer includes the latest (3.2.2) release of the xTuple ERP client, as well as the PostgreSQL database (version 8.3.5), the OpenRPT report writer, the CSV import data migration tool, and the xTuple database Updater. It also includes Bitrock's quality agent tool, which provides information back to xTuple that helps us improve product quality, as well as update and patch notifications to you. You can install just the client, or any combination of the above tools, including all three sample PostBooks databases (demo, quickstart, and empty).

All new Hosted Demo accounts will be created with 3.2.2 databases, and you'll want to download the new installer to connect to them (this information is included in the confirmation email). Want to upgrade to a 3.2.2 Hosted Demo account now?

We hope you'll agree this is a major step forward for the usability of xTuple.
What's Cookin' at xTuple
A look at current and future development

Our Product Development Manager, John Rogelstad, recently blogged about current and future development at xTuple. It's a great read for anyone who wants to know what's going on in the minds of our developers. Here's how it begins:

"It seems like it's been relatively quiet from xTuple development in the last few months as the last two releases at first glance appear to be mostly bug fixes.  However we have quietly been taking big architectural strides in those releases that will manifest themselves in the remainder of 2009..."

Visit John's blog to continue reading....
Read (and hear) all about it
The xChange launch has made a splash in the media. Here's a sample of some recent news coverage of xTuple:

An App Store for ERP Debuts
(Supply & Demand Chain Executive)

Enterprise Applications Go Open Source
(eWeek podcast)

xTuple Open-Source Community Provides An Edge In ERP

Open Source When Times are Tough
(CSTechcast podcast)

We've also won recognition lately as a leading enterprise application for the Mac platform:

Apple needs open source in the enterprise
(cnet news)

Macs in the Enterprise: ERP

To stay up to date on news coverage, visit our News Stories page on
Employee Showcase
John Rogelstad, Director of Product Development

xTuple employees are accustomed to opening our inboxes in the morning to find mail from John Rogelstad, who seems to get his best ideas around 2 a.m. He'll take you to lunch and spend an hour outlining his vision for architectural overhauls, new features, or great new contributions from the community - sometimes forgetting to eat.. When we're wondering about a feature or function we say, "that's a John question." He has a complete map of every acre of xTuple ERP drawn in his mind.

John joined us in 2007, after having run operations at a mid-sized manufacturing company, where he installed xTuple as a customer.  This gives him a real users' perspective on the product. John has driven countless improvements to the software based this knowledge.

For fun, John builds swingsets for his daughters, and is doing his best to pull his local Masonic order into the twenty-first century.
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June training class - with a sunset cruise!
"Intro to xTuple ERP" returns to Norfolk, June 15

Now that the weather's warming up, we're looking forward to a return to the American Rover tall ship - always a highlight of the xTuple training classes.

Mark your calendar for the week of June 15 - it's our most popular class, the xTuple ERP 101 survey course.  You'll build your own xTuple database from scratch, and run full business cycles with the data you've created.  Network and share best practices with a diverse group of other users, xTuple partners, and staff.  It's a full week in our spacious Norfolk, Virginia training facility; lunch is provided each day, and of course, enjoy the sunset cruise with cocktails and hors d'oeuvre with our compliments.

Contact us to find out more or to register.
Partner Profile
Norm Jekubik, Yellow Dog Consulting

Norm Jekubik, who's been an xTuple partner for the past 4 years, is a real veteran of the IT industry, having implemented a variety of ERP solutions as well as wireless warehouse management solutions, participating on the client and solution provider side. With over 24 years of experience -- the past 10 years specializing in ERP solutions -- we're willing to bet that if you've got a question, Norm's got the answer!

Norm is a great resource for his customers of course, but also adds value to the xTuple community at large. He is extremely active on the forums, answering questions and offering solutions to problems of all shapes and sizes. In fact, Norm worked with a major xTuple client to define the multi-currency functionality that is use today around the world. He and his team have also developed a wireless solution that enables users to perform xTuple transactions on the shop floor using wireless hand held devices. So, think of Norm every time you use your bar-code scanner!

Norm is located in the picturesque city of Vancouver, BC and one of these days, we're going to take him up on his many offers to join him skiing at Whistler. In addition to skiing, Norm enjoys traveling, sailing and gardening.
xTuple ERP
Attention PostBooks Users!

Now you can purchase bundles of prepaid support directly from xTuple, in increments of as little as five hours.  The more you buy, the more you save.

5 hours - $1500
10 hours - $2500
20 hours - $4500
30 hours - $6000
40 hours - $7500
Contact or +1-757-461-3022 for more information.
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