xTupler #27 (December 2012)

Announcing our Game-Changing Mobile Web App

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly

This is it. After years of research and development, we're happy - and proud - to release xTuple 4.0, the first version to include our new Mobile Web client.


xTuple 4.0 also includes over 400 new enhancements to what we now refer to as the "Desktop client" - including a new Social Desktop featuring integrated intra-company Instant Messaging, Cost Plus Pricing, Enhanced Job Costing and significant enhancements to Projects and Corporate Relationship Management.


But the Mobile Web client is truly a game-changer - a 100% JavaScript, HTML5-based application which works on any modern tablet, smartphone or desktop Web browser. Version 4.0 implements the entire xTuple CRM module in the Mobile Web framework, including contacts, opportunities and pipeline management, to-do lists, projects and incidents/trouble tickets. Over the course of the 4.x product releases, we will build out the entire xTuple application in mobile.


So, you're probably wondering, how can I get my hands on the Mobile Web client? Today, there are three ways. The easiest is to sign up for the next generation of our xTuple Cloud service. You can get started with just a single user running PostBooks and Mobile CRM - or we can upgrade your existing database, optimize it for the cloud and put it into production. We have a special promotion for "moving to the cloud" service which expires December 28, 2012.


Second way? Give it a test drive. We will completely overhaul our existing Hosted Demo service in early 2013 to more fully integrate the Mobile Web client into that experience - for now, you can sign up for a Mobile Web test account here.


Third? Head over to the xTuple repository at GitHub and dive into the code yourself. It's all open source, of course - and we are expanding the documentation. To make the Mobile Web client fully interoperable with the Desktop client - talking to the same PostgreSQL database - we had to get pretty creative with the architecture, and it's rather more complex than our previous two-tier system. We will eventually build a virtual appliance for people that want to host their own hybrid Mobile Web / Desktop systems in a private cloud, but that's a little ways off. We invite you to review our updated Cloud FAQ for more on this topic.


I mentioned the End-of-Year Promotion on moving to the Cloud & Mobile Web. We have two other exciting opportunities you might want to consider: Version 2.0 of xTuple Web Portal - coming early in 2013 - is a huge upgrade. For the first time, it will include our own Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce module. Current prices double on January 1st, so buy now at 2012 pricing and lock in current maintenance pricing for a full year.


Finally, if you have contemplated upgrading to our flagship xTuple Enterprise offering, we have a special deal there, too. It already includes Manufacturing, Project Management, Fixed Assets, xTuple Connect and Enhanced Commissions. Next year we will add more advanced packages at no charge, including an interface to externally maintained product catalogs. If you upgrade to Enterprise before year-end, we also include your choice of Web Portal modules - including the new B2C - absolutely free. Check out the details on these End-of-Year Promotions and contact us today before 2012 runs out.


Thank you for all your support over this past year - and all our best for a happy and healthy holiday season.


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Ned Lilly
President and CEO
xTupler #27
December 2012

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xTuple careers
Where's Wally? At the ultimate iFan Event!
VP Sales
Wally Tonra


It'll soon be that time again: Macworld | iWorld 2013. Join xTuple's VP of Sales Wally Tonra at San Francisco's Moscone Center West this January 31-February 2 for your first look at the hottest, bleeding edge technology for the Apple market. He'll showcase the xTuple Mobile CRM alongside hundreds of developers with the latest iOS and OSX apps at the Appalooza.


Macworld iWorld 2013 The Macworld/iWorld expo hall features hundreds of exhibitors  and developers showcasing the latest hardware, software, apps and accessories for the Mac, iPhone, iPod and iPad.


Follow Macworld on Twitter at @MacworldExpo and get involved in the conversation using #iFan. Friend Macworld on Facebook, too.


Contact us if you would like to attend - limited number of FREE xTuple passes available.
U.S. Tax Deduction || Section 179


Write-off 100% of your business software needs - in 2012!


Save on xTuple with Section 179Due to the extension of Section 179 under the 'HIRE Act of 2010' - the enhanced limits under the 'Jobs Act of 2010' - you can basically write-off 100% of the equipment and software your business needs to buy or finance up to $139,000 this year!


To take advantage of this deduction, your Section 179 Qualified Financing and your equipment must be in place on or before December 31, 2012.

Successful businesses take advantage of legal tax incentives to help lower their operating costs.


The Section 179 Deduction is an easy-to-use tax incentive for businesses to invest in themselves by adding capital equipment and software to grow your business.


Questions? Contact xTuple Sales Team

xTupleR Staffer


Ben Thompson, Web Software Engineer


Ben Thompson at xTupleBen joined the xTuple development team in March 2012 from xTuple customer Xikar, the world's leading manufacturer of cigar cutters along with a full line of premium cigars, lighters, humidification devices and humidors.


Ben's major work focus at xTuple is the B2C and B2B website integration for Web Portal 2.0 and the REST API for the new Mobile Web client stack.

xTuple Web Portal 2.0 

When asked what he likes best about working at xTuple, Ben says "identifying problems and creating unique solutions." He does that at home too - into home-brewing and currently working on automating his brewery using arduinos (go ahead, look it up!) His current fermenting focus is dunkelweizen, dry hopped winter ale, hard cider.


How did Ben get into technology as a career? "My dad seeing the value of me having a computer at a young age." Still 5 shopping days left, parents!  


Ben is in the one-third of xTuplers that works outside of xTuple HQ, telecommuting from the Boulder, Colorado area. 

xTuple Partner Feature:  2012 Partner Awards


xTuple PartnerCon 2012xTuple, the world's #1 open source ERP, recognized its rapidly growing channel base at the second annual xTuple Partner Conference (PartnerCon) with awards for exceptional growth and outstanding service. The 2012 Partner Awards go to:
  • Partner of the Year - Alfredo Martinez of Soluciones Empresariales Open
  • Outstanding Implementation - Scott Zuke
  • Rookie of the Year - AKA Computer Consulting
  • Top Sales - Next ERP
  • Partner Star - Fred Blauer

Read more about xTuple PartnerCon 2012 and check out photos of winners and attendees.

xTuple Customer Corner: Outerwears Performance Products

Everything that we needed, says Outerwears on xTuple
Everything that we needed, says Outerwears on xTuple


We recently caught up with Rosemarie Dobbs of Outerwears, Inc., a Michigan-based "Made in the USA" manufacturing company founded over 33 years ago to fulfill a desperate need to keep the air filter and engine clean during off-road racing. Rosemarie talks about ERP solutions she's dealt with over the years for business needs from the office and financial side to the manufacturing side, highlighting xTuple features like ease of implementation, customization and flexibility.


Read more: xTuple's Outerwears, Inc., Case Study

Do you or your company want to be one of our featured xTuple Customers? Please share your story (in print or video) with xTuple's Marketing Department.
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Training: FREE Webinars - Scheduled for 2013
Webinars earn you one (1) CPE credit and are held on Wednesdays at 1:15 p.m. Eastern Time (GMT-05:00-US & Canada) or Find Your Time Zone.
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