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Our industry-leading open source business management software now includes a Mobile Web application – empowering you to manage your business without being tethered to a physical office – improving productivity and profitability.

The initial beta program is an invite-only group of existing xTuple users to provide the opportunity to test pre-release versions of the Mobile Web application using a copy of their local database (hosted in our Cloud service). The user group will also receive regular updates and information regarding status of the Mobile Web application and a private forum will be available to provide feedback to the xTuple development team.

What is the xTuple Mobile Web app beta program?
xTuple has developed a beta program for a limited number of users to review pre-releases of the xTuple Mobile Web application and provide feedback to the company in a private forum.

Is the beta program available to anyone?
The beta program is now closed.

Is the beta program available to users new to xTuple?
At this time current customers will test the product using existing databases, but we plan to expand the beta program to new users over time.

Reference Documentation for the Mobile Web App:


xTuple Mobile Web app


January, 2013: Register for First Look Mobile CRM webinar Wednesday, January 9, 2013, 1:15 pm / Eastern Time (GMT-05:00-US & Canada).

December, 2012: xTuple Mobile Web application, featuring version 4.0 Mobile CRM is now LIVE

October/November, 2012: Beta users have been invited to use a beta instance of the application and provide feedback. A feedback webinar is scheduled for November 15th. Work is underway to stand up our production cloud servers which we expect to bring live in December.

September, 2012:  Join us for the next xTuple TechMeetup on "HTML5 for the Mobile Web - Enyo, the best framework yet" on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 READ MORE

July/August, 2012:  So, when do YOU get to see it? Working beta of xTuple CRM module in the Mobile Web App is planned for end of July or early August. Selection instructions on preview environment are forthcoming. John Rogelstad, director of product development, speaks out: "A funny thing happened on the way to fame and fortune at those conferences. We discovered a better framework..." READ MORE

June, 2012:  Feedback is being built into the product. Received confirmation that xTuple is on “cutting edge” – as first company to adopt JavaScript on all three application tiers (Client, Web Services and Database) and first to create an Object Relational Manager (ORM) directly leveraging PostgreSQL's native object-relational architecture.

May, 2012:  xTuple ran the gauntlet of conference tours – PGCon in Toronto, ComputerWorld’s Open Source Business Conference and O'Reilly's inaugural Fluent JavaScript Conference, both in San Francisco. Customers and partners alike turned out at OSBC for a sneak preview of the Mobile Web App on devices including Apple iPad, Motorola Xoom (Android) and Samsung (Windows 8).

xTuple Announces New Product

Watch the Video! Read All About It!

Video still of Ned

Hi, I’m Ned Lilly. I’m the President and CEO of xTuple. We are an open source business management software company.

In a few weeks' time, we will begin limited beta testing of a brand new xTuple product. The product is a full-blown Mobile Web app, which runs on tablets and smart phones (both Apple and Android). It also runs on any modern Web browser on a desktop or laptop computer.

It is unlike anything on the market today - written in 100% JavaScript and making use of a whole new generation of open source HTML5 technologies. So, it is actually *faster* than the existing xTuple Desktop client. That's something we never thought we'd say about a Web application.

OK, I'm out of breath already. A few quick notes:  First and foremost, the Mobile Web app will complement - not replace - the xTuple Desktop client. You will be able to use both applications simultaneously on the same database. And we plan to continue supporting the Desktop client for the foreseeable future.

There's no additional cost for the Mobile Web app.

Several years in the making, this is the happy marriage of our customer’s software maintenance dollars and our ongoing commitment to research and development for our products.

We're modest with our version numbering here at xTuple; you may recall that the thing that pushed us to version 3.0 back in 2008 was the addition of scripting capabilities. What pushed us to version 2.0 in 2006 was a whole slew of new features, including integrated CRM and multicurrency. So moving to 4.0 is a big deal!

In addition to creating a brand new Mobile Web app, one major thing we'll be doing with the "4 series" (sounds like a BMW when you say it that way, doesn't it?) is to continue making the software more modular. That means that people will be able to use discrete pieces of the system separately, without having to implement a whole ERP system.

So for our existing customers and open source users, maybe that's no big deal. Hopefully, you’re already pretty happily implemented - but it might be easier for some newer companies to start with just one piece and gradually work their way up to a full ERP implementation.

So for version 4.0, the functionality in the Mobile Web begins with CRM (the full module) as well as the Accounts Receivable portion of the accounting module which we'll be calling Billing. So over the course of the 4 series, we'll be rolling out additional functionality. Next up in 4.1 will be Accounts Payable, which we’ll be calling Payments, the full General Ledger as well as the Time & Expense module which is useful for Professional Services companies – in fact, we use it ourselves here at xTuple – until we’ve eventually completed the entire application.

I'm sure you've got lots of questions – we will, of course, be producing lots of documentation, including Frequently Asked Questions for current users and – I know this is a big one – we will be providing a migration path for customers who want to transition their current scripted add-on packages to the Mobile Web app.

After all, we’re going through the same exercise ourselves. As you probably know, several of our product offerings are built as scripted packages, including the entire Manufacturing Edition, the Time & Expense module, Point of Sale package and the new Enhanced Commissions module.

We're announcing the new product at the 2012 Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco. We’re very excited about the xTuple Mobile Web app. We look forward to working with all of you on it. Thank you very much.

Ned Lilly, President and CEO of xTuple

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