How do I start using PostBooks®?

The xTuple Free Trial is designed to be a self-guided tour of the xTuple application.

If during your Free Trial you have questions about the application—or you want to learn more about xTuple—please contact us by email at

Go to the Movies

The best way for new users to get started with PostBooks® is to watch our demo videos. These video tutorials introduce you to specific features and show a complete business process flow using the xTuple business management software.

Use the Wizard

When you are ready to set up your own business using xTuple business management software, we offer the QuickStart Wizard.

Follow the Demo Guide

xTuple offers Demo Guides to introduce the features of the software. The Demo Guides, available online for free or as downloadable PDFs take users through a basic business process flow. The Demo Guides refer to the sample data contained in the Demo database that comes with the PostBooks® installer.