How do I install PostBooks®?

The xTuple Desktop Client Installer

Once you download the xTuple Desktop Client Installer, run the installer on the computer where you want to install the client.

The installer lets you select which components you want to install. If you are installing xTuple PostBooks® Edition for the first time, we recommend that you install all components. This will give you the xTuple client and the Updater application.


Get a free database in the cloud

On a later step in the installation process you are asked if you want to create a Free Trial account for the xTuple Cloud Service. If you select the Free Trial option, you will need to fill in all the required account information, as we will review and approve your account request. 

If you already have an account on and you would like to add a Free Trial, you can request access to the demo database by applying for the Free Trial on the website. Follow the link, sign in and fill out the form to apply.



On-site installation

If you plan to install your own xTuple server, please finish installing the Desktop Client and then read the full instructions for How to set up xTuple on our Github project site.