How do I get PostBooks®?


xTuple ERP is a client/server application, meaning that it requires both a database server component and a client application that is used to access the database.

xTuple Desktop Client

First, download the xTuple Desktop Client Installer from the PostBooks® project site on [Note: Click here first if you need a Free Trial of xTuple, a preview of all CRM, ERP and Accounting features.]

When you run the client installer you will see that you have two options for the server component.

Option 1: Free Trial Account

When you run the xTuple Desktop Client Installer, you have the option to set up a new Free Trial account in the xTuple Cloud. If you chose this option, you will receive a username and password to log in to a demo database in the xTuple Cloud, which you can access for free for 30 days.

Option 2: On-site Installation

If you choose not to set up a Free Trial account, you will need to set up an xTuple server of your own. We provide a page of instructions for How to set up xTuple on our GitHub project site.