Download xTuple ERP

xTuple PostBooksGet xTuple ERP PostBooks® Edition - our free and open source software (FOSS)

xTuple ERP PostBooks® Edition is available as a free download at xTuple's Free Trial page. Users of our commercial editions may download software at

  • Installing PostBooks® Client and Server
    To install and run xTuple PostBooks® Edition, the free and open source software (FOSS), on your own machine, you need three things:
    • PostgreSQL server
    • xTuple PostBooks® Edition database
    • xTuple Desktop client

    Download the client installers from the PostBooks® project pages on SourceForge. For more instructions on how to download and set up your own PostgreSQL database server, please see Installing PostBooks® Client and Server.
  • Commercial Software (Distribution and Manufacturing Editions)
    The full, commercial xTuple ERP is available on for partners and customers only. Please note: Users of this area of the website agree to be bound by the xTuple End User License Agreement. Note: the client software is the same as what's available at SourceForge. The only thing that's different here is the databases.
  • All Free Downloads
    There are many other files available at the SourceForge project site, including help docs, CSVImp, XML Import, API docs, VMs for Ubuntu, and, of course, the full source code. You can also access our source code at xTuple's GitHub repository.