Fixed Asset Management (bundle)


Discounted Fixed Asset Management Package


The Fixed Asset Management xTension package for xTuple ERP covers a large part of the lifecycle of an organization's Fixed Assets including the purchase and recording of the Fixed Asset register, depreciation of assets, maintenance of assets, through to the disposition of an asset at the end of its life.

xTuple Fixed Assets


For details on each of the packages and their respective functionality, please refer to each package in the xChange.

These packages come with a comprehensive User Guide so you can take the best advantage when using these packages.

The Fixed Asset packages requires a minimum xTuple version 3.6.

The Fixed Assets package files, called, is an archive containing the Fixed Asset installer package, the Depreciation installer package, the Asset Maintenance  installer package, and a comprehensive PDF User Guide.  Unzip this package using your favorite zip/tar application.  Then you'll then need the the free Updater application to install the packages with a .gz extension in your xTuple database. You can read tips for using the Updater on

To get support for Fixed Assets, please use the Fixed Assets support forum here:

Those purchasing this module are entitled to ongoing free maintenance for the life of this version. If you have purchased an earlier version of the package and wish to receive an update, please contact us.

Price: $795.00