Frequently Asked Questions - Licensing and Payments

xTuple's license manager (in the commercial Editions of the software) counts only concurrent users connected to the database.  So while you'll want to set up accounts on the system for all of your named users, from a licensing perspective, we're only concerned with the ones that are connected at any given time.  It's generally a good idea to allow for one or two seats more than you think you need, to allow room for growth and unencumbered usage at peak times in your business.

The license manager also distinguishes between internal xTuple users connecting via the xTuple client or another xTuple GUI tool (CSV import, xTuple Connect, etc) ... and external connections to the database by other programs, including any web-based systems, database tools, and other custom applications you might have which need to connect to xTuple through the APIs.

For all onsite commercial Editions of xTuple, there is a five-user minimum purchase (although there are no minimums in the xTuple Cloud service).  And for every internal xTuple user license you purchase, you receive an external license at no additional cost.  So if you buy a five-user license, you can have up to ten concurrent connections to your xTuple database, of which up to five can be via the xTuple client.

Software maintenance - access to all upgrades, major and minor - is included in the annual license.  The annual license is like a subscription.  You are licensed to use the software as long as you are current on your payments (either annual or monthly).  If you're more than 30 days late, you could be in default of your license and support agreements.

The perpetual license is a one-time purchase of the then-current version of the software.  Software maintenance is priced separately - currently at 10% of the current per-user license cost, and required for at least the first year.  Direct support from xTuple is another 10% on top of the maintenance (which is a prerequisite for support).

Please don't.  For starters, you can't get support from xTuple or any certified partner if you're not current on maintenance.  Moreover, it's far more expensive to get back on, after you've gone off maintenance.  Not only do you have to make up all the back payments, there's an additional penalty as well, which starts at 50% of the amount owed.  So for example, if you were two years off maintenance on 10 users, and maintenance were priced at 10% of $3600, or $360, then you'd be looking at the following:

Back Maintenance owed: $7,200
Penalty: $3,600
Total Due to get right: $10,800

Was it worth it?  Just to avoid paying the $3,600 a year, or even $360/month?

And that's assuming your two-year old data was in a pristine state, and didn't need any consulting services to go in and clean up - which has never happened in the history of software.  So in short, don't do it.  If you're worried about cashflow, take advantage of our monthly billing option.  But there's rarely a happy ending to a broken maintenance agreement.

Then, as we said above, you're in default - and we are within our legal rights to remove the software altogether.

The generic single-user software license key for xTuple PostBooks® Edition enables you to log into your xTuple database. To receive your complimentary single-user license, please fill out the PostBooks® registration form, and we will provide you with a new 2-year license and instructions for updating the license in your xTuple database.

If you need a key for multiple users, have questions, or are interested in a commercial PostBooks® license (which includes unlimited access to our customer support portal), please contact the xTuple Sales Team.