Welcome, Equity Plumbing Members, to xTuple ERP for Distribution

xTuple for Equity PlumbingDo you use non-industry, limited software, such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, or perhaps nothing at all?


xTuple ERP, an affordable, comprehensive, flexible, and simple business system for Equity Plumbing Members

Please allow us to introduce xTuple's Lead Software Engineer-Distribution, Tom Atkins, who has managed distribution implementations since the mid-1990s. Tom learned of xTuple in 2010 and was so impressed with the company's dedication and resources allocated to the distribution industry that he joined Team xTuple - to be part of the long-term technology strategy devoted to meeting your present AND future needs.

xTuple's Tom Atkins discusses the company's Software Engineering focus on the Wholesale Distribution marketplace:  "Those companies who have provided the solutions in [the distribution market] have not been good stewards to the community. xTuple has a very bright future in what it offers to Equity Plumbing members."

xTuple's company strengths are:

  • Youth - modern, state-of-the-art technology, built from scratch in the 21st century
  • Vitality - growing at double digit rates in sales and staff
  • Stability - profitable and self-funded
  • Agility - on-demand ad-hoc reporting
  • Flexibility - open source vs. closed and proprietary
  • Productivity - fully integrated CRM to track customers, vendors, sales, staff
  • Innovation - a migration path to the future, including a browser-based, mobile-ready application

xTuple ERP is a fully-integrated, end-to-end system (Accounting, CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Distribution) for companies with sophisticated inventory control needs, such as Equity Plumbing Members. xTuple's features and functionality include:

  • Anywhere, anytime (Desktop runs on Windows, Mac, Linux; Web-browser, too)
  • Integration with warehouse, sales counter or showroom
  • Power and flexibility in matrix pricing
  • Automated pricing updates
  • Buyer Group Payment capability
  • Price Schedule features, e.g., Cost Plus, List Minus, Last Price Paid, etc.
  • Integrated external vendor catalog, e.g., Trade Service, Custom Catalog, Industry Databases
  • Powerful CRM for customer and vendor relationships
  • Documents emailing (Invoices, Statements, Purchase Orders) and full electronic data interchange (EDI) capability
  • Affordable xTupleCommerce B2B connections integrated with your website in real-time
  • Business Intelligence tools power-up forecasting and analysis for improved profitability
  • Multiple products and payment options to meet the needs of distributors of all sizes
  • Multiple hosting options, onsite or in the "cloud"

Take a closer look at our game-changer in Distribution Software with a free demonstration today. Email Rick Murchake or Call: +1 757-461-3022 [extension 139]


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