Welcome, Equity Plumbing Members, to xTuple ERP for Distribution

xTuple for Equity PlumbingDo you use non-industry software, such as QuickBooks, Peachtree or perhaps nothing at all?


xTuple, an affordable business system for Equity Plumbing Members

Please allow us to introduce xTuple's Lead Software Engineer-Distribution, Tom Atkins, who has managed distribution implementations since the mid-1990s. Tom learned of xTuple in 2010 and was so impressed with the company's dedication and resources allocated to the distribution industry that he joined Team xTuple - to be part of the long-term technology strategy devoted to meeting your present AND future needs.

xTuple's Tom Atkins discusses the company's Software Engineering focus on the Wholesale Distribution marketplace:  "Those companies who have provided the solutions in [the distribution market] have not been good stewards to the community. xTuple has a very bright future in what it offers to Equity Plumbing members."

xTuple's company strengths are:

  • Youth - modern, state-of-the-art technology, built from scratch in the 21st century
  • Vitality - growing at double digit rates in sales and staff
  • Stability - profitable and self-funded
  • Agility - on-demand ad-hoc reporting
  • Flexibility - open source vs. closed and proprietary
  • Productivity - fully integrated CRM to track customers, vendors, sales, staff
  • Innovation - a migration path to the future, including a browser-based, mobile-ready application

xTuple's features and functionality for Wholesale Distribution include:

  • Power and flexibility in matrix pricing
  • Automatic price-updating capability
  • Buyer Group Payment capability
  • Price Schedule features, e.g., Cost Plus, List Minus, Last Price Paid, etc.
  • Integrated External Vendor Catalog, e.g., Trade Service, Custom Catalog, Industry Databases
  • Documents emailing (Invoices, Statements, Purchase Orders, etc.) and full electronic data interchange (EDI) capability
  • Affordable xTupleCommerce connections right on your website
  • Multiple products and payment options to meet the needs of distributors of all sizes

Take a closer look at our game-changer in Distribution Software with a free demonstration today. Contact Stacey Pandeloglou, xTuple Account Executive or Call: +1 757-491-4978


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