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We are all about helping you make the best possible use of our software — we offer training classes, online videos and documentation designed to help you learn to use it and even to delve under the hood to modify and enhance it. The source code is publicly available, and we offer scripting tools and tutorials to show how to change screens or even create entirely new modules or interfaces to other software. On top of it all, we throw in a free report writer to allow you to make unique reports to meet any business need.

Even so, we recognize that customizing a complex tool like xTuple is not easy, and not everyone has the time or the programming background to attempt it. This is where our Custom Development team can help. We have the skills and knowledge to help analyze your needs and provide you with a timely, effective, high-value solution to meet the unique demands of your business.

Custom Feature Enhancements

We have helped customers with everything from changing the placement of a single button to adding complex new functionality. Some examples of past enhancement projects include:

  • Vehicle / Fleet tracking system
  • Consignment sales
  • Sales Reservations
  • Wireless receiving
  • Tooling
  • Point-in-time Inventory
  • Promotional Discounts


Often in an ERP implementation you need to exchange data with an outside system. xTuple Connect can automate exports and imports, but usually some customization is required to extend APIs and to transform data from one system to another. In the past, we have assisted customers with integrating with the following systems:

  • PDM (Product Definition Management) system
  • EDI of purchase orders and invoices for major grocery store chain
  • Full-service web store

Interface Modifications

If the screens of the application don't quite meet your needs, we can change them. Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll create an update package you can install to modify the app to do things the way you want. We have added data to screens where customers needed to see it and removed fields that customers preferred not to have shown to their users. Every company works a little differently, and sometimes a slight change to the layout or content of one or two screens can help you achieve a leap in productivity.

Custom Reports

xTuple business management software comes with hundreds of pre-made reports that cover all basic business needs, but we recognize that every company has its unique requirements. We offer OpenRPT training classes to help you and your employees use our embedded report writer, because we believe the more you can do yourself, the more quickly and efficiently you'll be able to respond to your own needs. But if you need outside help, we are happy to assist. We have written countless specialized reports for customers to customize everything from standard business forms such as invoices and purchase orders, check formats, financial reports, operational documents such as pack lists and routings, and much more.

Maybe the report you want does not exist today. Chances are good that the xTuple system is already capturing the data you need -- you probably just need a way to access it the way you want it. If there's a report you're lacking, just let us know, and we can create it for you.

Maintaining Your Enhancements

After we deliver your enhancements, you will naturally want to think about how to maintain them over time. In many cases, we are able to build them in such a way that they become part of the base xTuple package. This is frequently the best option; it makes for uncomplicated upgrades to future versions of the software, and of course, you are helping to make the product better for everyone. That is the main reason xTuple is the product it is today – hundreds of contributions from companies and individuals over the years, many of which have been sponsored custom development. However, if your enhancement is particularly customized to your business – a screen that reflects a business process flow peculiar to your business or highly customized reports – you might consider our xTuple Network (XTN) services. XTN subscribers receive managed upgrades from one release to the next – and we include time to ensure that any custom changes are properly migrated to the new release.

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