xTuple Comparison — Purchase

Purchase Module

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Purchase Request (by Planner Code, Item)
Purchase Order
     Listed Unposted
     Post by Agent 
     Change Qty.
     Add Comment 
Voucher (New, Miscellaneous, List Unposted, Post)
     Print Purchase Orders 
     Print Purchase Orders by Agent 
     Schedule P/O for Email Delivery (requires Connect) 
     Print P/O Form
     Print Vendor Form
     Item Sites
     Item Sources
          by Vendor 
          by Item 
     Buy Card
     Purchase Requests (by Planner Code, Item) 
     Purchase Orders (by Vendor, Date)
     Purchase Order Items (by Vendor, Date, Item) 
     P/O Item Buffer Status    
     Purchase Order History 
     Receipts and Returns (by Vendor, Date, Item) 
     Uninvoiced Receipts and Returns 
     Price Variances (by Vendor, Item) 
     Rejected Materials
     Unposted Vouchers
Vendor (New, List, Search, Types) 
Item Source (New, List) 
Master Information
     Planner Codes 
     Reject Codes 
     Expense Categories 
     A/P Account Assignments 
     Items without Item Sources 
     Assign Items to Planner Code 
Purchase Order Entry and Management    
     Catalog Search (by Customer, Number, Description)    
     Item Search (by Customer, Number, Description)    
     Item Alias Search (by Customer, Number, Description)    
     Re-Sequence Lines    
     Special Pricing Agreements (SPA) and Contracts    
     Define Vendor "Freight Allowed" (by weight, amount)    
     Optional Creation of Missing Item Sourcing Information    
     EDI Capability (requires xTuple Connect)      


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