xTuple Comparison — Overview


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Who We Are

Award-winning xTuple makes the world’s leading suite of open source accounting, Corporate Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), supply chain management software for growing businesses to control operations and profitability. xTuple integrates all critical functional areas in one modular system: sales, financials, operations — including eCommerce, customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution — powerful tools to Grow Your World®.

Commercial open source xTuple works with a global community of tens of thousands of professional users to give customers the ability to tailor platform-agnostic solutions to their needs and to offer flexible licensing and pricing options.

What We Offer

xTuple applications are fully integrated, end-to-end business management software packages for manufacturers, distributors and other companies who want to: increase control over operations; gain greater visibility into supply chain opportunities; and grow sales, profits, and productivity.

xTuple is available in both a free and commercially-licensed PostBooks® Edition as well as Distribution, Manufacturing and premium Enterprise Editions. All products support multi-currency and feature fully integrated custom reporting (both ad hoc operational reports and financial reporting).

All Editions are available on-site, in your choice of hosting environment, or in xTuple’s Cloud service (powered by Amazon.com). Or choose an Annual subscription or Perpetual License to the software.

Technical Requirements — Use xTuple on-the-go, anytime, anywhere

xTuple runs on Windows, Mac, Linux and mobilexTuple’s multi-client approach empowers customers to leverage today's — and tomorrow's — technology, especially employee preferences to BYOD (bring your own device). Users may access xTuple via our 100% JavaScript, HTML5 Web browser-based application, which works on any modern tablet, smartphone or desktop computer, as well as the classic xTuple Desktop client, with native apps on Windows, Mac and Linux. All client options work from the same server, powered by the world's most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL.


Several layers of security are available with xTuple. A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection may be utilized or also enable an enhanced authentication mechanism that scrambles your users’ passwords. Individual privileges within the system, in as much detail as desired, may also be assigned.


Discrete pieces of the system may be utilized separately, without having to implement an entire ERP system. More functionality detail is available on these modules:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • CRM
  • Distribution
  • General Ledger
  • Inventory
  • Manufacture
  • Products
  • Purchase
  • Sales
  • Schedule
  • System