xTuple Comparison — Manufacture

Manufacture Module

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Work Order 
     Explode, Implode 
     Release, Reprioritize, Reschedule
     Change Quantity 
     New Work Order Material Requirement
    Maintain Work Order Materials
     New Work Order Operation    
     Maintain Work Order Operations     
     Issue Material (Batch, Item) 
     Return Material (Batch, Item) 
     Shop Floor Workbench     
     Post Operation     
     Correct Operation Posting  
     Post Production
     Correct Production Posting 
     Close Work Order
     Post Misc. Production
     Print Traveler 
     Print Pick List 
     Print Routing     
    Print Work Order Form 
    Print Production Entry Sheet 
     Work Order Schedule 
          by Planner Code 
          by Class Code 
          by Work Order 
          by Work Center      
          by Item Group
          by Item
     Buffer Status (by Planner Code, Class Code, Item Group)     
     Material Requirements   
          by Work Order   
          by Component Item  
     Inventory Availability 
     Pending Material Availability  
     Operations (by Work Center, Work Order)      
     Operation Buffer Status     
     Production Time Clock (by Users, Work Order)     
          by Class Code 
          by Item
          by W/O Number 
     Job Costing 
     Material Usage Variance  
          by Warehouse   
          by Item
          by BOM Item, Component Item 
          by Work Order 
     Labor Variance (by Work Center, Item, BOO, Item, W/O)    
     Breeder Distribution Variance (by Warehouse, Item)     
     Open Work Orders 
          with Closed Parent Sales Orders 
          with Parent Sales Orders 
     Purge Closed Work Orders 


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