xTuple Comparison — Inventory

Inventory Module

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Inter-Warehouse Transfer Order (New, List)
Physical Inventory
     Create Count Tags (by Planner, Class, Item)
     Create Cycle Count Tags 
     Enter Count Slip, Tag
     Enter Misc. Inventory Count
     Zero Uncounted Count Tags 
     Freeze/Thaw Item Sites
     Post Count Slips, Tags
     Purge Posted Count Slips, Tags
          Frozen Item Sites 
          Count Slip/Tag Edit List 
          Count Slips
          Count Tags (by Item, Warehouse, Class Code)
     New Receipt
     List Unposted Receipts
     Purchase Order Return
     Print Receiving Labels
     Issue Stock to Shipping
     Maintain Shipping Contents 
     Ship Order 
     Recall Orders to Shipping
          Packing List (Batch, Batch by Ship Via)
          Shipping Forms
          Shipping Labels (by Sales Order, by Invoice)
          Backlog (by Item, Customer, Product Category)
          Summarized Backlog
          Shipments (by Sales Order, Date)
     Material Receipt
     Reset QOH Balances
     Warehouse Transfer  
     Relocate Inventory
     Print Item Labels
     Item Sites (by Planner, Cost Cat., Class, Item)
     Valid Locations by Item
     Qty. on Hand (by Class, Item, Location, Item)
     Location/Lot/Serial # Detail    
     Expired Inventory  
     Slow Moving Inventory
     Inv. Availability (by Planner, Class, Vendor, Item)
     Substitute Availability
     Inventory Status (by Planner, Class, Item Group)
     Inv. History (by Planner, Cost, Class, Item)
     Detailed Inv. History (by Location, Lot/Serial #)
     Usage Statistics (by Warehouse, Class, Item)
     Time Phased Usage Statistics
Warehouse (List, Locations)  
Item Site (New, List, Workbench)  
Lot/Serial Control (Comments, Location, History, Reassign)  
Master Information
     Cost Categories
     Expense Categories
     Unbalanced QOH
     Update Item Controls
          ABC Class
          Cycle Count Frequency
          Item Site Lead Times
          Reorder Levels (by Item, Planner, Class)
          Order Up to Levels (by Item, Planner, Class)
     Summarize Transaction History
     Create Item Sites
     Purge Shipping Records
Inventory Management    
     Filter Inventory by "Available to Ship"    



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