xTuple Comparison — General Ledger

General Ledger Module

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General Ledger
     Journal Entry (Simple, Series, List Unposted) 
     Standard Journal (New, List, List Groups, Post, Post Group) 
     Bank Reconciliation 
          New Adjustment 
          Adjustment Edit List 
         G/L Transactions, Summarized G/L Transactions
          G/L Series 
          Standard Journal History 
          Bank Rec. History, Summarized Bank Rec. History  
     Financial Statements
          Financial Reports (New, List, View)
          View Trial Balances
     Fiscal Calendar
          Fiscal Years, Accounting Periods 
          Companies, Profit Centers, Sub Accounts
          Chart of Accounts 
          Sub Account Types 
     Budget (New, List) 
          Tax Authorities (Search, List) 
          Tax Codes, Types, Selections, Registrations
    Master Information
          Bank Accounts, Check Formats 
          Cost Categories, Expense Categories  
          A/P, A/R Account Assignments
          Customer Types, Sales Categories
          Reason Codes, Adjustment Types 
          Forward Update Accounts
          Duplicate Account Numbers
          Purge Invoices  
          Update Customer Credit Status 
         Synchronize Companies (Multi-Company Consolidation)  


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