xTuple in the Cloud

Run any xTuple Edition in our expanded Cloud service

xTuple in the CloudHosting your xTuple database to the cloud is the fastest, easiest way to use both the Mobile Web application (which runs on any modern tablet or smartphone) and the full xTuple Desktop client - PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing or Enterprise Edition. All on the same database, hosted securely for you in the xTuple Cloud.

  • No headaches with maintaining a server
  • Lightning quick performance
  • Your data is yours; you can leave at any time
  • No minimum number of users
  • Easy and inexpensive to get started
  • Mobile Web access
  • Includes Business Continuity (Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Service)

Pricing Details

Any of the xTuple Editions may be run in the cloud. Start from scratch with our QuickStart Wizard, or allow us to move your existing xTuple database to the cloud for you.

There is a base charge of $100 per month to cover offsite nightly backups (this is half the cost of this service when provided for an on-site server). 

Above those base fees, the service is priced on a per-concurrent-user basis. One important note: We don't charge by usage time. Metered usage pricing has a way of discouraging you from using the software to its fullest potential.


Moving an existing database

To upgrade and move an existing xTuple database (version 3.7 or later) to the cloud, and set up the Mobile Web app, there is a one-time fee of $6,000.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum number of users I need to purchase?

  • One.

What? Really? I can sign up with a single user?

  • Yes.

Do you need any financial information now?

  • You may start a Free Trial of the xTuple Cloud service without providing any financial information, but once you go live with a production system, we will need either ACH bank debit information (US customers only), or a major credit card. Please note: credit cards are subject to an additional 3% surcharge.

What support is available?

  • Since every cloud database will be a commercially-licensed copy of xTuple (even PostBooks®), it does come with limited helpdesk support via our customer Web Portal. Support is available via the website with one named contact, i.e., person who is authorized to contact us. You may also upgrade to our standard support, which includes a second named support contact and telephone support during regular business hours.

How do I get backups of my data?

How do updates work?

  • As described above, you may choose to apply updates yourself, manually, or choose the xTuple Network (XTN) Upgrade service for an additional $350/month. The XTN Upgrade Basic service includes five (5) hours of assistance from an xTuple engineer; any additional time is billed at our standard professional service rates. Or go Premium XTN with ten (10) hours per year included for troubleshooting and periodic database tuning and optimization. In either case, we recommend testing on a "sandbox" copy of your database before going live with an upgrade; the creation of such sandboxes is included in the XTN Upgrade service.

What if I want to leave the xTuple cloud? What happens to my data?

  • We will provide a full backup of your database, minus any code specific to one of the commercial Editions of xTuple, if applicable. And we will be very sad to see you leave.

Can I run the Mobile Web app off my own local server, or do I have to use the xTuple cloud?

  • Either way. It takes a lot of complex architecture and infrastructure to make the Mobile Web app and the Desktop client work off the same database — but if you want to try and build it yourself, all the source code for the Mobile Web infrastructure is available in our GitHub repository. Or, if you prefer, we offer a service to install and configure the Mobile Web infrastructure for your existing xTuple database. This service is priced at $6,000 - and includes an upgrade to the latest supported release of the xTuple edition you are running.