xTuple Cloud Access Backup Services

Request a backup of your Cloud database

If you use xTuple Cloud, you are on a fast, safe, remotely-hosted database server that keeps your company humming.

All xTuple Cloud customers receive the Business Continuity (Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Service) — automatic nightly off-site backups — as part of the base monthly fee. Sometimes you may wish to download a backup of your company data, strongly recommended prior to making any updates to your xTuple database, such as upgrading to a new version or installing an extension package. You may request an ad-hoc backup at any time, for a small fee. The backup file will be placed in your My Account download area, where you may access and download it for up to 30 days.

To request a backup now, please fill out the following form and submit. A processing fee of $30 is charged for each backup you request.


Restore a database from a backup

If you encounter a problem and need to restore a database from a backup you have purchased, please contact our professional services department. For a fee of $100, your database can be restored from your backup copy. Contact customer support to request a restore.


Closing a Cloud account

Wish to close your xTuple Cloud account? Request a final backup file of your data. The costs for this backup are the same as above. Please note that while xTuple Cloud is billed monthly, your Cloud account is still an annual license to the software, so if you do not wish to renew annually, you must give 30 days written notice before the anniversary date of your agreement.