xTuple's Cintas deal with Industries United

Why buy alone? xTuple and Cintas partner to bring you unequaled buying power, together.

How does the Cintas deal works?

1.   It's FREE.

  • It costs you nothing – nada – to be a part of Industries United. It’s a risk-free way to save.


  • Even if you are an existing customer, you gain access to our group-leveraged pricing. On average our members, who are existing Cintas customers, save 10-20% compared to local rates.
  • Visit this link for full Industries United/Cintas pricing details.

3.   Did we mention IT'S FREE?

  • Complete the form here and a Cintas representative will contact you to initiate a new contract with our discounted pricing. Even if you have a current contract, you can initiate a new one with the discounted pricing.

Learn more about the Cintas company here.

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