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XIKAR, Inc., based in Kanas City, is dedicated to providing customers with the finest cigars, cigar cutters, lighters, containers, humidification and accessories.



XIKAR, Inc. had been a QuickBooks user, but with over 20 employees at its Kansas City headquarters, the limited software was unable to meet the company’s needs. With QuickBooks, there was no integration across systems. XIKAR was forced to create separate systems for shipping, reporting and accounting. QuickBooks would not support the exporting of reports to Excel and was processing slowly when its database wasn’t locked up entirely. XIKAR needed a business management software system they could grow with.



XIKAR, Inc., chose xTuple’s free PostBooks Edition and the commercial xTuple Web Portal, integrating it with their other internally-developed operational software systems. Just one year after implementation of xTuple, nearly a dozen employees used the solution for day-to-day operations and others use it to access customer reports and information. Additionally, xTuple drove significant new functionality with credit card processing support for Authorize.net. XIKAR has doubled in size since implementing xTuple's business management software.


XIKAR has doubled in size (without any software growing pains) since xTuple implementation.

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XIKAR, Inc., implemented and tested xTuple just under four months. After the first year, the software was available across all departments. XIKAR now has the capability to track sales for commission statements, link orders to shipping with UPS and FedEx, process credit card sales and service multiple “ship-to” addresses per account. There have been no scaling issues as the company has doubled in product distribution volume. xTuple has provided control, flexibility and low-cost, high-value business management software.



  • XIKAR can now track sales representatives for commission reporting, handle multiple “ship-to” addresses per account, integrate with UPS/FedEx and process credit cards.
  • XIKAR doubled its product distribution volume without any software growing pains.
  • xTuple provided an inexpensive, flexible, comprehensive business management software package that will grow with XIKAR.




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