Sitwell Furniture

Sitwell Furniture

Sitwell Furniture is a Mexico-based private label manufacturer for a major international furniture retailer. It has more than 200 employees who work in a production area of over 100,000 square feet.



Sitwell was searching to replace its Material Requirements Planning software — a small desktop PC-based package. According to Sitwell’s General Controller, Alfredo Martinez, the legacy product was not meeting increasing requirements. “We needed a solution that would allow us to forecast for materials, with a lead time of up to 16 weeks and help us take control of our manufacturing costs.”

Sitwell also required a variety of specific solutions: They needed full support for multi-currency transactions, as well as a way to manage inventory valuation discrepancies caused by the company’s existing solution; weekly vs. monthly inventory forecasting; automation of complex work orders; a way to handle bill of materials revisions; and support for make-to-order manufacturing and Distribution Requirements Planning across multiple facilities.



After considering several vendors, the company implemented the Manufacturing Edition of xTuple software. Within six months the entire company was using the solution in production, with up to 40 people interacting directly with the software at any given time.




Our initial goals have been fulfilled. xTuple has proven to be a valuable tool for all areas of the company. It has allowed us to drive our business into the future.

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  • An immediate return on investment by controlling costs and inventories.
  • Risk management through the monitoring of material cost fluctuations.
  • Employee acceptance due to an easy-to-use interface.
  • Preparing for business changes by forecasting and “what if” scenarios.



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