Outerwears Company, Inc.

Everything that we needed, says Outerwears on xTuple business management software


"Hi, my name is Rosemarie Dobbs. I work for Outerwears, Inc., just outside of Schoolcraft, Michigan. We are a manufacturing company that makes pre-filters that go over air cleaners for powersports, automotive, motorcycles. I am the customer service manager at Outerwears."

"We have dealt with many ERP solutions over the years, and it was time for a change, something that would take care of all of our business needs from the office and financial side to the manufacturing side. After looking at different software packages, xTuple actually offered everything that we needed. The open source is actually nice. It makes it very easy to go in and kind of customize it to your company's needs. I have actually implemented another ERP system. I find that xTuple actually is a much easier implementation than what we were used to in the past. My biggest surprise working with xTuple honestly has been the customization side of it. Other ERP systems that we have used has not always been easy to customize screens, to customize anything in the system so that it actually molds to our business needs."