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Nordic Naturals logoNordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world's safest, most effective omega oils. Distributing products to over 20 countries on all major continents, they are the international leader in omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends. The company has over 150 employees and has been using ERP applications for about seven years.



Nordic Naturals had decided to replace its current ERP solution. They were using another ERP software provider and had unhappy experiences with their ERP products. According to Mike Rosemire, IT Manager at Nordic Naturals, “We needed a more reliable, powerful and flexible ERP app that scales well to support a large number of concurrent users, and heavy sales and shipping activity."



After considering several vendors, the company decided to implement xTuple ERP Manufacturing Edition. The company planned out a careful six-month project to implement xTuple, and today the company has 80 employees using the solution.


With xTuple, we gained important features that we needed to move our business to the next stage.

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Nordic Naturals has driven significant new functionality in xTuple ERP as well, both in the core application and company-specific features powered by xTuple’s scripted Package approach. Added Rosemire, “With xTuple, we gained important features that we needed to move our business to the next stage. The quality of support that xTuple provides is superb! This is true for both the user-level support and the developer-level support. xTuple staff is responsive, quick and effective in solving problems and very receptive to input and ideas coming from their customers."



  • Built on top of PostgreSQL, which is an outstanding core database to use.
  • Extremely reliable and very few bugs.
  • Excellent performance for most day to day Nordic Naturals operational activity.
  • Scales well to support a large number of concurrent users and a high rate of transaction processing. Custom screens and scripting to support certain kinds of enhancements.
  • API views with business logic and referential integrity in the database; great data import tools. Rapidly evolving product that adds many new or improved capabilities with each new release.

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