xTuple Celebrates First Anniversary of PostBooks Edition

Open Source ERP picks up steam with 150,000 downloads, multiple community enhancements

O'REILLY OPEN SOURCE CONVENTION, Portland, OR - July 23, 2008 - xTuple, the leader in open source enterprise resource planning software, commemorated the first anniversary of the PostBooks Accounting, ERP, and CRM open source project at the developer conference where it all began one year ago. In July 2007, the company formerly known as OpenMFG re-launched itself and its product line under the xTuple brand, creating the PostBooks project from the same code base as its market-leading OpenMFG ERP Suite. A year later, the project has been downloaded more than 150,000 times, and has attracted major attention from business users and developers alike.

Today, xTuple ERP PostBooks Edition is available completely free and open source, and suitable for small businesses of all kinds. It includes full financials; robust CRM; sales and purchasing; financial and ad-hoc reporting; and lightweight inventory, manufacturing and distribution. xTuple ERP Standard Edition is a midrange commercially-licensed offering, which adds advanced inventory control, warehousing, and other features to the core package. It is a good option for distributors, retailers, light manufacturers, and anyone else who would prefer commercially licensed software. The OpenMFG Edition is the premium commercial offering, and is recommended for manufacturing companies in both discrete and batch process production; make to order, make to stock, or mixed-mode; even job shops and engineer-to-order.

"We've had a wonderful response from the open source community to the PostBooks project," noted xTuple CEO Ned Lilly. "We've received serious code contributions in the areas of APIs, reporting, and application functionality and tuning - as well as bug reports, and new feature discussion and suggestions from a vigorous online user community including scores of companies using the free product in live production."

While many businesses are using the PostBooks Edition without any commercial relationship with xTuple, many others turn to the company for support, training, professional services, and easy one-click upgrades to the commercially licensed Standard or OpenMFG Editions. xTuple offers regular community training classes at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters; upcoming classes include an intensive 5-day "Introduction to xTuple ERP" the week of August 11, and back-to-back classes on reporting, tools, and developer training the week of August 18. The August classes will also include a sneak peak at the new version 3.1 of xTuple ERP, which will be released later that month.

The PostBooks Edition is available free of charge under the open source Common Public Attribution License (CPAL), and is consistently ranked among the top ten projects on the SourceForge open source download portal. The Standard and OpenMFG Editions are available under xTuple's innovative hybrid license, whereby customers and partners have full access to the application source code, and any enhancements made to the product flow back to xTuple for review, quality testing, and possible incorporation into the baseline product. All xTuple ERP products run equally well on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, and are fully internationalized with multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by the global open-source community. All this and more, including public discussion forums, a documentation wiki, blogs, and the community issue/bug tracker, can be found at www.xtuple.org.


About xTuple
xTuple (formerly OpenMFG) develops next-generation, enterprise-class business process applications powered by open source software such as Linux, PostgreSQL, and Qt. xTuple products give companies better control over operations, increased productivity, and measurable growth across all areas of their businesses-all at a lower cost of ownership. For more information, please visit the company Web site at www.xtuple.com.