200 More Enhancements Power xTuple 2.3 Upgrade

Open Source ERP firm adds Yahoo! integration, Returns Management, Job Shop support

NORFOLK, VA - December 20, 2007 - xTuple, the leader in open source enterprise resource planning software, announced the general availability of version 2.3 of the xTuple Applications, PostBooks and OpenMFG. Featuring more than 200 community-driven enhancements in just three months, version 2.3 adds:


  • support for customer returns and service management;


  • an expansion of unit of measure options in sales, purchasing, and inventory;


  • better support for job shops and engineer-to-order companies;


  • the ability to reserve specific product inventory for particular sales orders;


  • and a rich XML-powered interface for external ordering systems, including prebuilt order mapping for web stores powered by Yahoo! Merchant Solutions.

The xTuple Applications are advanced ERP software solutions built with open source components, such as the PostgreSQL database, the Qt toolkit for C++, and the OpenRPT report writer. The fully integrated packages include Inventory Management, Product Definition and Costing, Work Order Management, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Sales, Shipping and Receiving, Project Management, Sales Analysis, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, a full General Ledger, and Corporate/Customer Relationship Management. Both packages are fully multi-currency, multi-lingual, and support a range of multi-layered taxation structures. The commercial OpenMFG product adds Manufacturing Scheduling, Capacity Planning, and several other advanced features.

"The progress in the product from release to release is amazing," said Ritzo Muntinga, president of Oceanside, California-based ElectroSport Industries. ElectroSport manufactures specialized power accessories for the streetbike, dirtbike and ATV aftermarket, and championed the Sales Order Reservations functionality new in version 2.3. "We're very impressed with the functionality and stability of OpenMFG, and the xTuple team's ability to design new features without making the application overly cluttered or difficult to use."

The xTuple online community is growing by leaps and bounds as well; there have been over 40,000 downloads of the PostBooks software, and the project has catapulted into the Top 10 projects on the SourceForge open source repository (out of 165,000). In addition to product enhancements, the open source community has contributed translations of the applications into French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Turkish - with efforts underway in German, Japanese, and several other languages.

PostBooks is available free of charge under the OSI-approved Common Public Attribution License (CPAL). OpenMFG is available under xTuple's innovative hybrid license, whereby customers and partners have full access to the application source code, and any enhancements made to the product flow back to xTuple for review, quality testing, and possible incorporation into the baseline product. Both PostBooks and OpenMFG run equally well on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers, and are fully internationalized with multi-currency, support for multiple tax structures, and multilingual translation packs maintained by the global open-source community. All this and more, including public discussion forums, blogs, and the community issue/bug tracker, can be found at www.xtuple.org.

About xTuple™:
xTuple (formerly OpenMFG) develops next-generation, enterprise-class business process applications powered by open source software such as Linux, PostgreSQL, and Qt. xTuple products, led by its OpenMFG, OpenRPT and new PostBooks applications, give companies better control over operations, increased productivity, and measurable growth across all areas of their businesses-all at a lower cost of ownership. For more information, please visit the company Web site at www.xtuple.com.