xTupler #39 (June 2015)

xTuple 4.9 release and The 1-2-3 Plan

xTuple Distance LearningxTuple ERP 4.9.0 Release Candidate is now available for download, and we're very excited to bring you this milestone. There's great progress to report on the exciting xTupleCommerce Web Portal one of the only truly real-time integrated ERP-and-eCommerce website offerings in the world.

xTupler #38 (February 2015)

Seriously! It's the year of the Customer!

xTuple Distance LearningThose of you able to join us for our xTupleCon user conference in October heard me proclaim that 2015 would be the "Year of the Customer." I'm sure more than a few people rolled their eyes. "Yeah, whatever. Sure, xTuple's a little different, but they're still a software vendor." Right? Well, here's where we start delivering on that promise.

xTupler #37 (November 2014)

haxTuple Winner, xTupleCon Recap and Year-End Savings!

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly as Captain AmericaThanks to everyone who joined us for xTupleCon 2014. It was a great week - from Woz-mania, to some great in-depth pre-conference workshops, to the post-conference partner meeting... and of course, the two full days of regular sessions and keynotes.

xTupler #36 (August 2014)

haxTuple and xTupleCon Updates, xTuple University (beta), and Exciting xTuple Events!

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly as Captain AmericaFor those of us with kids, it's back-to-school time in the U.S. Some are moving into high school for the first time, some are (gulp) off to college. What better time for us to overhaul our own educational offerings, and introduce... xTuple University!

xTupler #35 (June 2014)

Exciting xTupleCon14 news, haxTuple 3.0 and xTuple 4.5 release!

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly as Captain AmericaWe're delighted to announce that, in addition to a chance to hear legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the opening night of xTupleCon14, attendees will now also meet "Woz" at a private xTuple cocktail reception before the speaker event!

xTupler #34 (April 2014)

xTuple 4.4 release, xTupleCon14, and liberty and justice for all!

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly as Captain AmericaOne of the fun things about working at a software company is that you never have to worry about being the geekiest person in the room. Unless, of course, you dress up as Captain America, and build a media release about a product upgrade around a superhero movie (not once, but twice!)

xTupler #33 (February 2014)

xTuple 4.3 Release, 2014 Plans, the Three-Legged Stool... and more!

xTuple Distribution EditionI'm pleased to announce xTuple version 4.3 release, debuting xTuple Distribution. The Distribution Edition replaces the former Standard Edition, which will be retired, and includes integration with third party catalogs and pricing services including Trade Service, as well as other enhancements formerly found in an add-on package called xWD.

xTupler #32 (November 2013)

Referral RewardsxTupleCon User Conference is a wrap - save the date for 2014!

Well, that was fun! For those of you not able to join us at our inaugural user conference in October... well, let's just say we hope to see you next year!


xTupler #31 (September 2013)

Feature Mob 2Your best chance to guide xTuple development - and score great deals too!

Lots to share with you in this autumn in the U.S. edition of the xTupler -- my favorite time of year. Weather cools, American football season kicks off, the kids go back to school, and, of course, here at xTuple, we try to find creative and fun ways to engage with you, our community -- and hopefully give a little something back in thanks for all your support.


xTupler #30 (June 2013)

xTuple Headquarters sign at nightFree Trial with Desktop and Mobile Web clients, xTupleCon coming, and more!

If you've been around xTuple for a while, you probably used our Hosted Demo service at one point. While you've always been able to download the xTuple client, and set up your own PostBooks database locally, many people find it helpful to use the same client to connect to a hosted instance of their own xTuple Enterprise database.

We're pleased to announce the successor to that program - our Free Trial and Cloud 2.0 service....


xTupler #29 (April 2013)

xTuple Headquarters sign at nightKicking into high gear... find out what's next!

You may have already heard, thanks to the overwhelming support from our community, that xTuple PostBooks was voted "Project of the Month" on the SourceForge open source portal. It was a tremendous honor for all of us, and we share the accolade with all of you.

So we started thinking about more ways we could engage with you to make sure this software is meeting your needs...


xTupler #28 (February 2013)

xTuple CEO Ned LillyVote for PostBooks as SourceForge's "Project of the Month"

If you're using any edition of xTuple to run your business, or even if you're just kicking the tires, we'd like to ask for your help. You're probably aware of Sourceforge, the open source community portal which is one of the primary ways we distribute xTuple PostBooks and various other free software to the world. I am happy - and proud - to say that PostBooks was nominated as a finalist for the March 2013 SourceForge "Project of the Month."

xTupler #27 (December 2012)

Connect the dots - xTuple Mobile Web appAnnouncing our Game-Changing Mobile Web App

This is it. After years of research and development, we're happy - and proud - to release xTuple 4.0, the first version to include our new Mobile Web client with over 400 new enhancements to what we now refer to as the "Desktop client" - including a new Social Desktop featuring integrated intra-company Instant Messaging, Cost Plus Pricing, Enhanced Job Costing and significant enhancements to Projects and Corporate Relationship Management. But the Mobile Web client is truly a game-changer...

xTupler #26 (November 2012)

Two sides to every story - xTuple versus SagePlan now for xTuple 4 - mobile, cloud, more!

We are in the final phases of beta testing for our landmark release of xTuple 4.0. If you have followed xTuple for a while, you know we are modest with our version numbering. The current release, 3.8.x, is really the 17th major release of the xTuple software. And we save the big version numbers for something special...

xTupler #25 (September 2012)

xTuple September RewardsSeptember Rewards, our way of saying "thank you"

It's been a busy summer for us here at xTuple. Our new Mobile Web app is now in private beta testing, and we continue to expand into the wholesale distribution market. We've seen terrific growth so far in 2012, and we'd like to say "thank you" to our ever-growing global community of customers, partners and other users. In thanks - we'd like to give you something back.

xTupler #24 (June 2012)

Distance Learning Class SOLD OUTTraining, any way you want it

We're always looking for better ways to help people become proficient with xTuple software. Our in-classroom training classes are always well attended and offer great opportunities to network and share with other xTuple users; check out the upcoming...

xTupler #23 (May 2012)

xTuple CEO Ned LillyIt's a new era - Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

I'm writing today with exciting news. In a few weeks' time, we will begin limited beta testing of a brand new xTuple product - a product which xTuple customers will receive at no additional charge, as part of their ongoing annual software maintenance relationship with xTuple. The product is a full-blown Mobile Web app, which runs on tablets and smart phones (Apple and Android), as well as any modern Web browser on a desktop or laptop computer. It's unlike anything on the market today - written in ...

xTupler #22 (April 2012)

xTuple in Las VegasDistribution Dynamite!

Many people know xTuple primarily as a manufacturing-focused ERP system, but I'd like to share a lot of new functionality available to support wholesale distributors. These features have been contributed to or sponsored by customers and open source community members. Examples include...

xTupler #21 (March 2012)

The Enterprise Edition gets even better; New push into Distribution

It's been a while since our last newsletter, and there's lots to talk about! First and foremost, we're happy to announce the general availability of xTuple 3.8.1. Version 3.8.0 has been out for a little while, but we've made a few minor tweaks and simplified the all-in-one installer. For those who may have missed the 3.8.0 release, here are some highlights...

xTupler #20 (September 2011)

money bagCommissions, more CRM and money in your pocket

It's autumn in the northern half of the world - the kids are back in school, the politicians have returned to whatever it is they do, and businesses are looking to fine-tune their operations before the end of the year activities take over. We can't help you with the first two... but we've definitely got some things lined up that can help you get your business ready for the end-of-year rush.

xTupler #19 (June 2011)

Summer specials for your Open Source ERP

Here in the U.S., it's summertime. The kids are out of school, and lots of people are already thinking about that vacation coming up. (Don't have one planned yet? How about a visit to Washington DC in August - see the second story down in this newsletter!) But if your business, like most companies, is doing more and more with less and less these days, you might be looking at a short-staff situation this summer with some alarm. Particularly if you'll be doing without I.T. help for some period of time. Well, your friends at xTuple have the answer.

xTuple #18 (March 2011)

xTuple Connect logo onlyNew Project and Enterprise Editions, Pricing Update

There's nothing we like better than introducing great new products. In case you missed my blog announcing two new additions to the xTuple family, we now have a Project Edition of xTuple as well as an Enterprise Edition. The Project Edition consists of the exciting new Project Accounting package on top of the PostBooks core and fully integrated with the Time and Expense functionality (which remains freely available). Check out...

xTupler #17 (January 2011)

Fixed Assets, Web Portal demo, and 3.6 final!

xTuple is celebrating the new year by showering you with a nicely-wrapped collection of great new stuff! Check out the Fixed Asset Management package, below, and read up on the new features in xTuple version 3.6, both of which are available now for free download.

xTupler #16 (September 2010)

When you want a new feature, why not incite a mob?

We invite you to join us and many fellow community members to add email integration into xTuple, and get a discounted license for the fast-growing xTuple Connect product in the bargain. Read below to find out more about what we're calling a "feature mob." For those eager to learn more about xTuple, our chief trainer and video producer extraordinaire Mike Atherton has been hard at work.

xTupler #15 (July 2010)

webportalBrilliant. 3.5.1

We like that word, especially when it's applied to our software (by someone besides ourselves!) And we're getting a lot of that reaction when users see the latest feature we're releasing with xTuple 3.5.1, now available for download. The first thing you'll notice in 3.5.1 is the application looks totally different...

The xTupler #14 (April 2010)

Today is tax day in the US

And it seems an appropriate time to express our appreciation for the heroes of this rough season--the hardworking accountants of the world. We'll also be doing what we should have been doing better for a long time--talking directly to accountants about xTuple ERP. When you're telling the story of ERP software, sometimes it's easy to focus on one aspect of the tool set, such as manufacturing or CRM, but the truth is, the financials really are the key to the whole system.

The xTupler #13 (February 2010)

haxTupleOpen dialog with the people using our products

We do it every day in forums, the issue tracker and webinars. It's been at the core of the xTuple philosophy since our beginning in 2002. So we were happy to see that someone has given a name to this way of managing a product: Dion Hinchcliffe at ZD Net's Enterprise 2.0 blog calls it "Social CRM."

The xTupler #12 (December 2009)

screenshot of iTuple to-do listContinued strong growth in customers, partners, and our open source community

While economic conditions around the world continue to be challenging, here at xTuple we've been fortunate to have done better than most in 2009.  We continue to see strong growth in customers, partners, and of course, our open source community.

It's you - the tens of thousands of active participants in the xTuple ERP community - that make our success (and the continuing enhancement of xTuple ERP products) possible. We'd like to take this opportunity to say "thank you" ... and to hopefully give a little something back as well.

The xTupler #11 (November 2009)

The biggest shopping day of the year

Here in the U.S. we are about to take a couple days off to be with our families, eat turkey, and go shopping. That's right, this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has become the biggest shopping day of the year. We want to get in on a little of this action ourselves--don't miss our announcements about year-end training deals and half-off paper forms, below.

The xTupler #10 (October 2009)

Embracing our inner geek

Tomorrow is Halloween here in the U.S. - and we're celebrating by embracing our inner geek. Looking around the office, we see a number of people wearing trade show-issued black T-shirts with cryptic software industry jargon. And of course this month's xTupler is chock full of updates on improvements to scripting and packaging tools, new ways to interface with third-party products, little references to open source history and culture, and new xTuple beta software that is ready for testing!

The xTupler #9 (September 2009)

Are you ready to xTuple?

Read below for details on the all-new version 3.3 of xTuple ERP (PostBooks, Standard, and Manufacturing Editions), as well as a FREE public beta release of xTuple's new Point-of-Sale package for retail businesses. Our global community continues to grow and thrive - and we're looking for your input as we look out to the next few releases of the software.

The xTupler #8 (August 2009)

e-commExciting announcements to make this month

The first is the upcoming release of version 3.3.0 of xTuple ERP. The details are below, but in summary, it was the most collaboratively-designed (and coded) release yet of xTuple ERP. You'll be particularly pleased if you are a distributor with inventory to manage at various sites, or if you operate in a country with a complex VAT and other tax structures.

The xTupler #7 (July 2009)

xTuple Updater ApplicationIt wouldn't be summer without bugs

The climate-controlled offices at xTuple are 99.9% bug-free, but we'll freely admit that's not the case with software - ours, or anyone else's. In the last six months we've cranked out three well-received releases in the 3.2.x cycle, and we're currently in beta testing of version 3.3.0. All the new feature development in 3.3 is complete, and it's time to swat some bugs.

The xTupler #6 (June 2009)

xTuple app store launches

These days, it's not enough to offer an open source product; the magic comes from providing an open source platform. It's got to be possible for users to customize and extend the product. We get that. Over a year ago we added full support for scripting to xTuple ERP to enable users to write modifications without the overhead of changing core code. In January we even embedded the scripting tools directly into the application. Giving out tools to modify the software, however, was only the first step.

The xTupler #5 (April 2009)

Need Help image

Drupal in the house with PostgreSQL, our favorite database

On March 17 we launched a major update to both and We'd been working on the new sites for a few months, and thought we'd give them the extra benefit of a St. Patrick's Day launch for good luck. (And yes, we did push back the original date of Friday the 13th - who says software people are all cold-eyed rationalists?)

The xTupler #4 (January 2009)

Qt LogoChange has come!

OK, we admit it. That's a pretty shameless attempt to ride the coattails of all the energy and excitement around the new U.S. President. Even for those who didn't support him (and the xTuple staff, like the rest of America, was split right down the middle), it's inspiring to think about starting fresh - learning from both best practices and past mistakes, but not being afraid to chart a new course when the situation calls for it.

The xTupler #3 (December 2008)

xTuple ERPThe Holiday Edition

2008 was an exciting year for xTuple, and demand for our software has never been stronger. We've seen over 185,000 downloads of the PostBooks edition of xTuple ERP,  and we consistently rank among the top 10 most active projects at Despite the economic slowdown, or perhaps because of it, there's never been a better time to be working with open source ERP.

The xTupler #2 (November 2008)

video iconThe world's first collaborative translation portal for xTuple ERP

We're incredibly excited to announce the world's first collaborative translation portal for xTuple ERP! Read below for details on how you can join in translating xTuple to one of the nine languages we're already working on, or add your own.

The xTupler #1 (October 2008)

Version 3.1 imageOur newest community-building tool

xTuple ERP is constructed in cooperation with our users, customers and partners. We're proud of the product that has emerged. Our goal is to be nothing less than the best open source ERP platform on the market.