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Prizes include Google Glass, mobile warehouse barcode scanners, and a chance to meet Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak


User conference for World’s #1 Open Source ERP highlights innovation, from Woz to Glass


Open source software leader partners with oldest speakers' forum in the U.S.


xTuple anytime, anywhere


xTuple Gold and Elite Partner launches Madrigal SO (Small Office) and Madrigal ERP – a mobile port for Apple and Android tablets


Open source community members crowd-source xTuple conference agenda to learn, collaborate and innovate


Exciting xTupleCon14 news, haxTuple 3.0 and xTuple 4.5 release!

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly as Captain AmericaWe're delighted to announce that, in addition to a chance to hear legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on the opening night of xTupleCon14, attendees will now also meet "Woz" at a private xTuple cocktail reception before the speaker event!

xTuple 4.4 release, xTupleCon14, and liberty and justice for all!

xTuple CEO Ned Lilly as Captain AmericaOne of the fun things about working at a software company is that you never have to worry about being the geekiest person in the room. Unless, of course, you dress up as Captain America, and build a media release about a product upgrade around a superhero movie (not once, but twice!)

xTuple 4.3 Release, 2014 Plans, the Three-Legged Stool... and more!

xTuple Distribution EditionI'm pleased to announce xTuple version 4.3 release, debuting xTuple Distribution. The Distribution Edition replaces the former Standard Edition, which will be retired, and includes integration with third party catalogs and pricing services including Trade Service, as well as other enhancements formerly found in an add-on package called xWD.

Referral RewardsxTupleCon User Conference is a wrap - save the date for 2014!

Well, that was fun! For those of you not able to join us at our inaugural user conference in October... well, let's just say we hope to see you next year!


Feature Mob 2Your best chance to guide xTuple development - and score great deals too!

Lots to share with you in this autumn in the U.S. edition of the xTupler -- my favorite time of year. Weather cools, American football season kicks off, the kids go back to school, and, of course, here at xTuple, we try to find creative and fun ways to engage with you, our community -- and hopefully give a little something back in thanks for all your support.


xTuple Headquarters sign at nightFree Trial with Desktop and Mobile Web clients, xTupleCon coming, and more!

If you've been around xTuple for a while, you probably used our Hosted Demo service at one point. While you've always been able to download the xTuple client, and set up your own PostBooks database locally, many people find it helpful to use the same client to connect to a hosted instance of their own xTuple Enterprise database.

We're pleased to announce the successor to that program - our Free Trial and Cloud 2.0 service....